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Frequently Asked Questions
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The Benefits Of Raw Feeding
The benefits of raw feeding are now being more widely publicised and accepted, having been supported by substantial and growing research. Our much-loved domestic dog, has evolved significantly from its ancient ancestor the wolf, to the highly successful scavenger really that it is today.

They have adapted to living alongside us and this has been proven in the scientific evidence supporting their ability to digest a much broader diet than their predecessors. Arguably a kibble diet is probably the most convenient way to feed, after all you just open the packet and pour. By the same token a take-away is the most convenient way to eat for us! How healthy that is in being able to offer the best nutritionally as a balanced diet, is highly questionable.

A raw diet has been reported to provide many significant health benefits for many years now, this is not new; improved digestion, improved oral health, reduced ailments including skin disorders and hypertension disorders, as well as better coat condition, amongst others. Initially it may seem more expensive, but at the cost of reducing issues arising out of a less than balanced diet, the benefits, including financial are obvious. Plus, to us it just looks right in the bowl.

The stools of a raw fed dog will be significantly less than those of a kibble or meat and biscuit fed dog and yes, a little more difficult to pass. The addition of more bone in the diet ensures this and the extra pressure on the anal glands reduces issues in this area, frequent in some breeds.
The Risks
One of the main reported drawbacks, are the health risks to us humans. Our canine companions have a different set of enzymes in their system to able to deal with more, and certainly what we could consider harmful bacteria than us. Implementing good hygiene; washing your hands regularly, using a nail brush, hand sanitiser, keeping the raw food away from any human food and avoiding any contact with immune-suppressed, elderly or infant people is relatively easy.

Put a fridge out in the garage/shed is an easy way for example to make sure that there is less risk of any contamination in the first place.
Our pet dog
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Adding Extras
Again, there is substantial research to support that dogs can synthesize fruits, vegetables, herbs and to some degree some carbohydrate as well of course as some dairy products. Not the same as us however.

Dogs can access vitamins and nutrients from additional extras and this can be included in their diet. Only feed recommended fruit, vegetables and herbs, lists of safe foods are easily accessed.

Try blending them in the food processor to tiny pieces, this way the animal can gain the most from the available benefits. Large chunks are most indigestible and whilst able to provide some fibre, will mostly go through unchanged and not having yielded much in the way of nutritional benefit.
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